Our Curriculum

Theme Based Curriculum
The curriculum in the pre-primary and primary school aims at developing the multiple intelligence of children. It follows the philosophy of integrated education. Activity oriented hands-on learning plays a significant role in fostering a culture of conceptual understanding, exploration and enquiry. Children work individually, in pairs and in groups through a thematic integration of topics like nature, food, festivals, functioning of machines and more. This, not only enhances their learning, but also helps them to venture beyond the boundaries of their textbooks and establish a strong connection, with their surroundings as well as the world at large. Integrated use of multimedia in the form of rich audio and video materials in each classroom, further enhances this spirit. These activities are culminated at the end of every session in the form of various events like  Jantra Utsav, Bhoj Utsav, Urja Utsav, Prakriti Utsav.
Language Curriculum
The language curriculum is designed to hone children’s sensitivity, sense of critical appreciation and understanding through rich experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Mathematics Curriculum
In mathematics, strong emphasis is put on developing mathematical concepts as opposed to regurgitation and rote learning of procedures. As a result, concrete materials, relevant situations and games are used.
Science and Social Science Curriculum
The Science and Social Science curriculum provide opportunities for exploring, experimenting, observing, drawing conclusions and collection, recording and analysis of data.  
Sports Curriculum
Sports (Physical training and Kalaripaittu martial art) curriculum lays emphasis on development of endurance, balance, physical co-ordination, suppleness, gross motor skills, strength and overcoming fear. Music, movement, theatre and art help children to express themselves and connect to their inner selves.