Mr. B.K.Jhawar
Chairman Emeritus
Usha Martin Limited

“Usha martin is a multidimensional, global group of companies dedicated to the growth and development of our nation. This growth process must be led by our children who will take the country into the future. The first step in this endeavour is to empower tomorrow’s citizens. As an organization we believe it is our responsibility to develop model citizens who will shape the world, reduce the nation’s carbon footprint, and extend our rich heritage. What better way to do this than by improving the quality of our children’s education? By doing our bit for the next generations we can help create a strong healthy country founded on human values. Our mission is to deliver high quality English medium education. To this end, we are launching a national chain of co-educational high quality English medium schools in the eastern region. These schools will offer child-centric education which draws on the learning and the achievements of the top school systems around the world. Our curriculum has been designed by highly qualified and experienced Indian and international educationists. It goes beyond text book to open the window of the mind to encourage the questioning spirit and to contribute to each child’s holistic development.

Knowledge, responsibility and integrity are integral to the success of Usha Martin School. We proudly display those values on our crest since we are committed to helping in the growth and development of the citizens of tomorrow.”